Unlike the stereotypical tales about the perfect Chinese child, the story of my life is quite the opposite. I grew up watching my aunts asking for perfection from my cousins as they valued the attendance of most prestigious Ivy League schools. My own parents had the bare minimum taste of education and expected nothing of me. From the lack of a tiger mom and the dominant presence of Chinese culture, I became obsessed with the idea of being the best. You’d expect that a child raised with no emphasis on hard work couldn’t care less, but that wasn’t the case. Cultivated by Chinese behavior and lifestyle, I am who I am today. Before I knew it, I became my own tiger mom. I pushed myself to the limit, put myself down, and scolded myself when no one else would. I could never believe I was good enough because there was always someone better than me. At one time, I was willing to sacrifice everything just to be better than someone. I lived to learn and endured to be the best. Education was everything to me and I was “dying” because of it. I can especially relate to the book called “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” by Amy Chua in which she speaks of her “traditional and strict Chinese” parenting. Through this blog, I hope to highlight who I am and what I can do just like what Amy Chua did in her well known book. In future blog posts, my goal is to get my message across to an audience. 

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