If you haven’t already, please go read “Failure: Mother of Success Part 1.” before reading this.

Click here to read my poem called “Failure: Mother of Success Pt. 1”.

In a previous post, I shared a personal poem of mine that I wrote for an English class assignment. If you couldn’t tell, it was an autobiographical narrative that explains the story of how my mother moved from China to the United States. I wanted to portray the struggle my mother experienced through the simplicity of the lines. I hope the poem was a clear representation of my mother’s past and did justice for her. My motive for this poem went beyond the urge to complete a school project. Unlike, I suspect, of the majority of students, what I really wanted to do was spread the message of this kind of lifestyle. It was a very meaningful assessment to me it. It was essentially my way of telling my mother what she’s worth and how much of an influence she has on me.