Who do people think of when they hear “Asian actor”? As silly as it might sound, Jackie Chan is a role model to me. From personal experience, he is an exemplary example for other Asians to follow. Most definitely, I am biased being Asian American and all. Jackie Chan has had an influential effect on me since I was a little kid. Of course, I have particular views that have been installed in me during my early impressionable years. I mean, he’s basically the Hugh Jackman of China. With a career like acting, he essentially works to entertain an audience. Even after achieving such success in the United States, he never forgets his native roots. Although his movies like Rush Hour received love from all over the United States, he still returns to China more often to shoot other films. I’ve grown up watching his movies and listening to his songs. At first glance, Jackie Chan had little to no meaning to me. He was just another ordinary Asian actor in another ordinary movie. As seconds of watching him turned into hours, I realized the pride and happiness he stirred up in me by just doing his job and what he loves. Let’s face it. There aren’t many Asian Actors in American films. However, Jackie Chan broke that stereotype and gained success in the American film industry. The very least you could do is give him some props. Jackie Chan is a living embodiment of the intertwining of Asian and American culture and that’s one of the many things I admire about him. He isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone and couldn’t care less about what critics say. Jackie Chan is a great man and I’d be lucky if I was at least half as successful as him one day.