Traveling far from home, Mary developed an interesting tale that recollects her experience as an immigrant. Along the way, she has picked up a few memories that she will never forget. All these events compile into a story that is her life.

As an American citizen in Canton, Massachusetts, she is 7926 miles away from where she spent most of her childhood in Canton, China. Her world was turned upside down during her teenage years.

With no prior knowledge of English, Mary was thrown into an environment that required her to speak and understand as much English as a native in the area. To say the least, she was overwhelmed. Returning to her new home after a long first day of American high school, her after school activity included crying from exhaustion of trying to understand what the heck people were saying.

Mary found hope when she met others of the Asian community at her high school. Taking special English classes, she made friendships that still exist today. Rather than studying, Mary spent her days of high school hanging out with friends and going to local convenience stores. Although it is now a blur, high school for Mary was remembered to a fun time. She not only made connections with new people using her mother tongue of Cantonese, but also eventually overcame her embarrassment of not knowing the foreign language of English.

Now as an adult, she can look back at those difficult years and say that “I have no regrets.”